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Welcome to MarkOps

A marketing consultancy that is built on the provision of value-based solutions to a wide array of communication challenges to enable businesses to thrive.


Successful businesses of today have some basic things in common.  They understand that customer-centricity is at the heart of what they do. They willingly embrace change and see if as an opportunity to grow, rather than a threat to the status quo.  They recognise that while technology is important, people still remain the most important asset of a progressive company.  They realise that speed and flexibility are the antidotes to lethargy and stubbornness.  And they know that in a world where time is precious, efficiency and effectiveness can be achieved by prioritising things that create the most positive business impact in the shortest possible time.

At MarkOps we share these values, and have built a bespoke team of experts who embrace a very forward looking way of working to help our Clients survive and thrive.  It isn’t for everyone, but for those that are willing to try something new and be open to working differently, it can be a very refreshing and empowering way to work.


We believe that good work solves business problems. We believe that working with good people attracts more good people. We believe that work should be fun, but it isn’t a game. We believe that the Client is King (or Queen), and that there is no room for ego’s or snobbishness when solving real problems. We don’t do awards, as our Clients tell us they don’t rate them. We don’t work with big tobacco or promote gambling, as they’re both equally bad for you. But we believe that good thinking and hard effort can solve real problems, and in doing so protect the future success of a business.


At MarkOps we believe that the best people out there are literally out there.  They are not sitting on trains or buses or cars commuting each day into an office.  Instead they are working where they live, and living their work each day in the best working environment possible for their talents to thrive.  And we don’t want to mess with that. So at MarkOps we encourage our people to work remotely, collaborating over borders and time zones, to get the best and fastest results possible for our Clients. 


Advertising agencies are full of talented people, no doubt about it. But they are also full of things that get in the way of creativity and productivity. Things like big egos, outdated ways of working and a desire for awards that serve the individual and agency, and not the client. So we like to say that we’re not anti-advertising, we’re just anti-advertising agency! At MarkOps our people spend their time focussing on their individual passions and expertise. It’s what drives them forward every day – and from our experience it is what clients want and are willing to pay for… the very best people working well together to solve their business problems.


Paid advertising isn’t dead. But at MarkOps we are more interested in the non-paid media channels. Channels where storytelling and content is more important than media buying or channel selection. Where the focus of a communication solution is the content of the message that will solve the problem, rather than a spreadsheet displaying how advertising spending is being allocated. This is why we never take commissions on ad spend, we just don’t believe in it. So instead we adopt a publisher-mindset to create culturally powered content that audiences actually want to consume, share and get immersed in. This is value based marketing at its best.


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