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Freeformers represented an interesting communication challenge, as they needed a digital solution that showcased their own digital expertise.

Freeformers is a training company that helps businesses and teams drive digital transformation, enabling them to move faster, think differently, and increase uptake of their digital products in the market.  As a result they needed a website that reflected their modern, fast-paced perspective.

The site had to appeal to a wide audience, from the CEO to the frontline staff of a wide range of businesses.  It needed to showcase the tools, workshops and events that Freeformers offer and deliver a wide range of content depicting people embracing and celebrating digital products and skills throughout the UK.

It was required to showcase and explain how the training resulted in enhanced business performance through a series of case studies for big businesses like Barclay’s, Bain, BBC, Bloomberg, A T Kearney, Aberdeen Asset Management, Sky, Tesco, Virgin and Vodafone.  Finally, it had to be both dynamic and responsive – so that it could be viewed on a myriad of devices, while also allowing potential clients to download information on coming courses, request additional information, or book appointments, and sign up for training in real time.

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