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Guinness has long been known as a drink for the daylight. In order to grow the business, the challenge was to make Guinness an active, engaging part of nightlife for a new, ‘always on’ generation of drinker.

The internet has changed. The online stuff you used to go and look for now comes to look for you.  This is the new personalised internet where people create and live stories together in real time.

We wanted Guinness to create and curate a compelling and intriguing new underground layer of the internet, only available at night. The Dark Drop is a network of virtual repositories where content lives at geotagged locations. Fed by the brand and by drinkers, you have to be physically present to enjoy the content for a particular ‘drop’. From an exclusive DJ set in a bar to a sneak preview of a forthcoming movie on a street corner or the perfect sunset playlist, this new nocturnal social source of content engages the brand with its drinkers.

The Guinness Dark Drop is an award winning cloud computing idea created for Microsoft.  A wholly unique night time social network where the functionality and texture of content morphs to match location and mood.

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