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Peoplehub is a dynamic learning and development organisation that is committed to helping to future-proof businesses by working with them how to get incredible value out of their most important resource, their people.

To help set the stage for this we worked with peoplehub to create a new corporate identity for the brand, focussing on the people side of business.  This is inherent in the brand identity and logo, and scalable for when the business grows and expands into new areas of learning and development, and brought to life through a new dynamic website and set of social media news updates.

An evolved position for the brand, and its three business arms, was then created along with roadmaps showing the role each business unit played in the overall transformation of the business over time.  These roadmaps were then supported by marketing materials and a range of tools to help drive customer businesses forward.  Demonstrating success and sharing best practices is a core part of any learning and development organisation, and a set of case studies were created to demonstrate the great work that is done on behalf of peoplehub Clients, and also to highlight and promote best practices that could be shared with others.

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